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Tea Cup Bindery

Designed bindings pull an element or theme from the book itself into a design for the book's binding, and create a functional work of art.  These bindings are perfect for presentation bindings, special gifts, or simply for special books.  I create designed bindings in full leather with leather inlays, hand-marbled endsheets, and 22k gold tooling.

The art of marbling is more than a thousand years old, yet still magical.  Layers of paint are sprinkled on a water bath, then combed and raked into one of a hundred patterns.  Marbled paper is wonderful framed as wall art, or used in other arts and crafts projects.  Email me for more samples and prices.

designed bindings


protective storage boxes

I provide restoration services for antiquarian cloth and leather-bound books.  Restoration may include cleaning, leather consolidation and treatment, leather replacement, and paper repair.  The cost of restoration is dependent upon the project; call or email to schedule an appointment and estimate.

Protective storage boxes and slipcases are an excellent, cost-effective way to keep a valuable or fragile book away from damage caused by light and handling.  Each box is made to fit the dimensions of the individual book, and can be customized in leather, cloth and marbled paper.

I am available to speak to historical societies, libraries and other groups about the history of books, printing and binding techniques.  I bring books from the 17th century through the 20th, and tools and materials, as well as a professionally photographed presentation of the bookbinding process.

I also offer classes in bookbinding and paper marbling in my workshop.  Call or email for more details.

Hand Bookbinding and Restoration